>> Friday, October 23, 2015

Lunch, for Bug, is really just a continuation of breakfast and a gateway to a snack before dinner. He eats a lot. Today, he paused.

We were having nachos with chili...he's loved it since he was little; dip the cheesy chip into the chili and it's like a little edible scoop of goodness.

When he paused, I didn't think much of it so I went to get the next set of nachos. When I returned, he was in tears.

This does NOT happen often and I was taken aback. I grabbed his hand and he looked at me, still crying, not making a sound. I begged for him to tell me what it was that was making him cry, to motion to what it was...something to enable me to help him. There was nothing. He made no motions, no little nuance to hint at the problem. But he did not seize. He did NOT seize so I knew it couldn't have been too serious. Yet, I thought I was going to see him go into a seizure at any second.

At that moment, it takes a lot of deep breathing to hold it together and to be patient and wait it out. Everything about being his Mom says: Help him! But I did not SEE anything, I did not PERCEIVE anything. I had to wait. So I waited.

Slowly, his tears stopped, he got a drink and we continued eating. I can surmise that he bit into a chip and it poked him. That is pretty darn painful, but I will never know. Never.

That little incident led to another bigger one: I will be changing diapers for the rest of my life.

Ava really needs to potty train.


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