Walking on air.

>> Sunday, April 26, 2015

Feet shouldn't leave the ground? Ha! Kiss my...er...feet leaving the trampoline.

His little sister, Taylor, was celebrating her 10th birthday with a few friends at The wAIRhouse trampoline park. I thought it would be great for her and her friends, since Bug would probably sit upstairs with the pizza and water and the focus would be on her. Once she got into the park and onto the trampolines...we ceased to exist. As it should be. So we thought: this will be a breeze. But then something amazing happened.

Bug hasn't jumped spontaneously on his own for at least 7 years. He used to love to jump on trampolines, we even have a small one downstairs, but he wouldn't jump on it. We tried to entice him, show him it was there and drag him into it. He sat there. Would NOT jump.

This was entirely different. When Glenn got him onto the tramp, he realized immediately what it was and jumped. For an hour, off an on. He didn't fall once. NOT ONCE. He did trip once because he was looking away when he was stepping over the padding. But the rest of the time, and all the video we have shows that he adapted to compensate for the tramp.

Not only is he on the road home, he's jumping on it.  Happy almost birthday Taylor!


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