Another new baseline

>> Friday, August 1, 2014

The thing about Bug is the amount of baseline changes he has. It's off the hook and on par with severe epilepsy diagnosis, which he doesn't have.

The latest is seizing as soon as he falls asleep. I mean, within 10 minutes. He used to do that when he was 4. NOT a pattern I want to see again.

Add to that: this morning he is sitting at 3 seizures in 90 minutes. And two days ago he ended the day with 5 seizures, it's not a good baseline.

So we ask: What is different? We added Vimpat.

I am not willing to say it's the Vimpat, I am willing to say that it may be a combo of the Vimpat with the Lamictal. Those may be two medications that, when combined, hinder the sodium channel a little too much. Meeting with the good Doctor next week, so we will hold steady for now. He is acting weird as well, but there has been some sickness going around so maybe that is a contributing factor.

He does have his Hemp card and I did NOT Blog about getting that. Mostly because I was recovering from nose surgery and didn't turn on my computer. It was a hell of an experience and I will catch up on that. But for now, I am making sure his nose doesn't drip too much blood from the second seizures in the kitchen this morning. Days like today and his being able to walk really does suck.


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Diamond Potential Awareness Award
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