How long is 4 minutes?

>> Monday, May 5, 2014

In our world 4 minutes is life-threatening. And Bug, who had been doing so well since we removed the Clonazepam, has been having one or two big T/C's every so often the last few weeks. Last night was the biggest yet.

It sucked.

He was sleeping peacefully next to me after a bath, and I was getting ready to carry him upstairs when he locked up. Hard. He grimaced, he moaned as he was trying to fight it and then, he started convulsing and not making a sound other than gasping.

I haven't seen one like that in a very long time. While I hated it, I have to ask: Is one big one better or worse than 5 smaller ones?

Hope is pretty close to gone at this moment in time, who knows, maybe we will find some later this year, but right now...


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Diamond Potential Awareness Award
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