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>> Thursday, May 15, 2014

Yesterday's rant needs a follow-up.

And follow-up there was.

Bug had a seizure that threw him into the kitchen counter. The bad part (aside from the seizure itself forcing his head onto the hard counter) is that, in this house, the counters are unfinished. They are not rounded or blunted but rough and when he hits it, it scrapes his head. So this time...big goose egg with patches of scratches.

IT SUCKED. And it stayed large all day. Hoping that it reabsorbs somewhat tonight but not looking good so far.

So that's the seizure follow-up now for the 'other'.

The Department of Health sent us over their rules. Mostly...good. Only ONE issue that we had and we are addressing that. So, no matter how much headache it is to them, they are doing it right and it will be great for anyone else that petitions to expand the program.

Those few Doctors that are saying: Not bad enough...are few indeed but they are also misunderstanding the criteria. The ones that supported us, still support us and even more have come forward. It's very exciting and I need to stress that. We have two new Doctors that have said: I support this and would love to be involved. And they are NOT paid by PCH so that's a great thing.

I need to point out to my families: Stay the course! The rules will be public soon and everyone can provide input, and our Doctors that are suspicious, or that have jumped to conclusions, can see the due diligence that is in place. Yes, even for something more harmless than an aspirin. So even though you are hearing NO now, they are wrong and hopefully, they will realize it in the next few weeks, if they don't, there are Doctors out there that DO understand the law and the benefits of the Oil.

A BIG change is coming not just for Cannabis in Utah but also for epilepsy in general. I say to the medical professionals: Keep up or you will find yourself doing more crossword puzzles and less unlocking the mysteries of my child's seizures. Was that too subtle? Try this:

Read the paperwork or you're fired.

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Diamond Potential Awareness Award
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