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>> Tuesday, April 1, 2014

In the course of reading more stuffs about treating the Autoantibody Bug has, and the Cerebral Folate Deficiency that comes along with it, I found that children like Bug need HIGHER than average doses of Leucovorin.

He was taking 25mg 2x a day and we like the results. A lot. We like them a lot. But still, his last lumbar puncture showed his MTHF was on the lower end of normal, and that was a year ago, before his growth spurt (some of his pants are actually too short now! We haven't had to buy new pants in two years!). I read about a 30lb 3-year-old taking 60mg a day and thought: time to up Bug.

I called to get an appointment with his Pediatrician.

Dr. Spencer is fantastic. He is just fantastic. He reads everything I bring him and doesn't always agree with me. He studies and has applied Bug's diagnosis to other children and the Leucovorin is helping! He's just awesome.

I went to see him, and he agreed: let's up him by 25mg more. Why not? So we did.


Today he got 75mg instead of 50mg. And he was chirping, humming and smiling all night. It was great.

Now, it takes some time to build up, so one dosage increase will help a little but the true results won't be known for quite some time, upwards of 6 months or a year. This is the joy that is Mitochondrial Dysfunction: It takes time for treatments to REALLY be effective.

We will wait, and we will watch and we will stay the course. Maybe we might try the Cannabis Oil, but in the meantime, this may help him and Dr. Spencer agreed. Because he's awesome! Just like Bug.


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