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>> Monday, March 10, 2014

Bug is doing well coming down from Clonazepam. Before now, we could NOT get him lower than .25 twice a day. Last night, was the first night in almost 4 years that he did not have any. At all. None. And no lip smacking, no twitching (more than usual), no dry cough and no sleeplessness. It took us 2 months at the slightly lower dose of .125 twice a day to get him to this point.

Here's the kicker:


Hooray! VERY exciting.

Now that is out of the way I must address ONE thing, this statement:

You are being shortsighted and selfish.

In regards to this bill, we are being told daily, that we are being selfish for JUST getting it for our children.

Here's my response:

You have NO clue what you are talking about.

Jennifer's Mother died in January, died from cancer. Cancer that has been KNOWN to respond to CBD. CBD, not THC. There are studies, not just people who like to smoke, saying: Hey, this helps. STUDIES.

My Dad, has a dementia diagnosis. Dementia, which has been KNOWN to respond to CBD. There are STUDIES.

So DO NOT tell me I am being selfish. We were motivated to get this for everyone. Don't you DARE criticize me and make that BS statement. You DON'T know.

And until you get out from behind your keyboard, until you organize and stand up and go to the Capitol EVERY DAY, until you reach out to reasonable people for assistance, until YOU did that: Shut up. Just stop talking. You have NO right to complain about what *I* didn't for *YOU*, who is doing nothing for yourself but complaining about what YOU can't get delivered to your satisfaction. Just stop, you selfish, whiny, self-important, arrogant turd.

There. I feel better.


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