>> Friday, February 21, 2014

As my Bug continues to stumble into walls, drool and refuse to eat I am getting more and more impatient with the nonsensical reasons some are giving to not support the use of High-CBD/Low-THC.

They are not seeing MY son.

They are seeing all things that are not yet real, are not yet tangible that may not come to pass. And they are thinking of themselves and themselves only. It is baffling and very disheartening.

They are saying things like: You have to think of the children.


I want to correct them: No, what you mean is you have to think of the TYPICAL, HEALTHY children.

They say this because it is automatic for them, the ones who say it say it all the time to get what they believe is right for the children THEY represent. But I can say it to, and have. I say: Oh but I AM thinking of the children...the forgotten ones. The ones who make you nervous, the ones you would rather not see. The ones that can't say no, the ones that will die sooner than they should. I AM thinking about those children, are you?

Bug is no longer smiling randomly, he is not running, he is just looking like he is ready to fall over and quit. But he won't quit. It isn't in him to do that. This child is strong, very strong in constitution and physical prowess. If he wasn't, he would have died in 2011. He was close a few times, but he didn't give up and neither will I.

We heard a legislator say this was a moral dilemma for him. Really? I mean really?

YOUR Morals have NOTHING to do with this. Unless you want to use it as an excuse. Want to know why? Hold on to your moral compass because here we go:


"a person's standards of behavior or beliefs concerning what is and is not acceptable for them to do."

YOU aren't doing anything to compromise your moral standards because YOU aren't giving YOUR child some of the most overdosed drugs in the nation. YOU are standing above it all imposing YOUR value system on a child that doesn't need you to balk at giving him the chance to have a treatment that won't kill him. MY moral structure is what is in play here. I am the one giving him these destructive and addictive medications and you know what: I believe God sanctions my actions.

People tell SN Mom's all the time how they are blessed to have such sweet spirits in our charge. How God gave them US because we are the chosen.

Until now? Now, I am being selfish and ignorant of the harm I could do to my child. I laugh. Either God trusts me with Glenn or he doesn't. You can't have it both ways.

I believe, that this treatment was divinely inspired. And I am NOT the only one. Many good Christian families have prayed long and hard about this and their prayers have been answered: The KNOW that God wants their child to have this. Those people, so close to God because they are the caretakers of his special spirits, have prayed and they KNOW that this is right and they KNOW it is acceptable.

So, unless you are putting yourself above these families, above my son, above my relationship with God and above Brigham Young himself, who said: "seek out the places most suitable for flax and hemp and there let them be grown." 1861 (This is a commandment) Journal of Discourses 9:34-35" then you should have NO moral issues with this.

EDITED: Oh, and you know those kids that you ARE worried about, the ones that should have their OWN moral compass, the compass not based on whether or not my son takes Valium or not? Ya, I have three of those too. And I tell them: If it affects your thinking, if it alters your personality or your value system, don't take it. It will eventually destroy the person you want to be and an heir to ancestors that came before you. You be YOU and not a chemical you.

My 8 year old asked me:

Why do people do drugs?
I said: because they don't like who they are, for whatever reason, and they want to try to feel better. But, answer me this: Will they still feel better when it wears off?

Tay: No. So it makes no sense does it?

Tay: Nope unless your Bug. He takes medications to help him.



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