's THAT kind of day.

>> Thursday, October 3, 2013

I awoke to my friend Jennifer saying: Answer your phone. I wasn't really asleep but I wasn't all the way awake either. We worked on the reason I needed to answer my phone and set an appointment. Seemed easy. Seemed too easy.

Bug slept until 10:20am, not unusual, he has a runny nose and a mild cough so really not surprising. What was surprising was the MASSIVE Tonic/Clonic he had at breakfast.

He was sitting at the counter eating his waffles and I was holding the baby, getting some more work done. When I hear something I haven't heard in MONTHS:

Gasp, choke, gasp, choke.

I look over toward my little Prince, and he is curled tightly in a fetal position over the side of the chair; convulsing. We strap him into the chair for this reason.

I run to him, unstrap him and carry him to the couch where he convulses for another 90 seconds.

All total this one was 2 minutes and 30 seconds or so. That was 30 minutes ago.

In that time, he has almost puked, peed on me...ALL over me and been twitchy and mouth-breathing.
I would take a picture but it's too heartbreaking. He also smells VERY sulfuric. His breath, his gas, all has that sulfur smell to it. Mom even noticed it. He is cuddling with me right now. I sure do love the little guy.

Epilepsy sucks and now...I need a shower.


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Diamond Potential Awareness Award

Diamond Potential Awareness Award
Thank you Holly at Diamond Potential for this award. Awareness leads to understanding and acceptance. And let's face it, we all need to feel accepted for who we are. The battle has just begun!

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