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>> Thursday, August 22, 2013

The arrow points to the boo boo. Do you see it?
Is it just me or was that last post a cake walk?

Compared to 4 kids with one Mommy in the ER it was.

That's right. ER trip. Alone with the children because Bug fractured a bone in his foot.

Dumb bleeping luck that one is. But it was also NOT a result of a seizure. Oh hooray?!?

He was getting out of the van...we've had the car for over a year...he's not new at it...and he seemed to...stumble out of it. I don't know how else to put it. Taylor walked around the car to get him (he tried to go in front of the car but there isn't room) and I noticed he was walking oddly. I got closer and he was limping. He has sprained his knee before so I knew to watch him.

And I watched him. For an hour. Watched him walk on that toe, but would not put the heel down. He was with the other foot. Hmmm.

We took Tay to Karate and I called Glenn. He validated my decision to watch him. So we drove home.

I got everyone out of the car and carried Bug inside. When I set him down and watched him, I knew we were all getting back into the car.

We arrived at the ER, all five of us and proceeded to take over the joint. It was a full house but they got us in, got Bug an Xray, they held the baby while Ava screamed, and had our diagnosis of a buckle fracture of the third metatarsal, in under an hour. But then we waited 40 minutes for the discharge paperwork. In that time period, Ava managed two suckers, 4 melt downs and one iPad removed from her sticky hands. It was ugly. Bug sat serenely on the gurney. That part was awesome!

The fracture is so small they weren't sure, at first, if it was an anomaly.  But, he goes to a Podiatrist tomorrow for a cast. They are sure now.

I wanted a cast last night, because I knew he would not stay down. Today, I was thrilled he didn't have it on.

Today, was IVIG day. He was a wiggly little trooper. Even through 2 IV's, he was a champ. But keeping him contained on the bed through the infusion...was not awesome. For 6 hours. I'm sore.

So now, we wait and see. And we go back in 4 weeks. Give or take, and do it all over again. Daddy will be home to go with us next time.

Hell of a 24 hours for Bug...makes mine look not so ickie afterall.


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