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>> Friday, August 23, 2013

Last night was an almost sleepless mess.

Aside from the baby being up and down, Bug got up at 4:17am, walked into his bedroom, crawled up on the bed and tried to go back to sleep. He did sleep for a short time. He was awake again 5:55am and then up for good at 6:40am.

All of this WITH Melatonin. I can only assume it was the Benadryl they gave him before the IVIG. It does that to me as well. I have once been mostly awake for 72 hours taking two doses of Benadryl. The most curious about him being up is that he SHOULD be seizing a lot, and he isn't. In fact, he is playing and smiling and seeking out my lap.

Which means he is also walking on the foot he is supposed to stay off of. Sigh. Hopefully he will get a cast today but the jury is out on that one, the Podiatrist is booked. The only way he will get it is if a nurse does it. Let's hope this Doctor has fabulous nurse, otherwise I am afraid he will make it worse. :(


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