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>> Monday, July 1, 2013

In 12 hours we will be sitting in a room at Arkansas Childrens Hospital. We will have a black book filled with papers detailing the last 7 years of our oldest child's life. We will be waiting to discuss what his new genetic tests mean. I will be nice and timid and very polite. Unless Doctor Popular blows us off like almost every other doctor has. We will be with our two beautiful sons, both silent, both with a bright future ahead of them. No matter how mean their Mommy has to get or how many hats she has to hold in hand. We will learn more tomorrow than any other day in our lives. Bar none.

And 14 hours from of us will be crying. And one of us will be spinning and smiling and being an amazing person.

And hopefully all these things will follow a solid nights sleep.

What are the odds?


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Diamond Potential Awareness Award

Diamond Potential Awareness Award
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