>> Thursday, January 10, 2013

I was telling Tay that I may or may not make it to her production in school tomorrow. I explained that this appointment Bug has is a big one. It's with an Immunologist.

I asked if she remembers how Bug doesn't seize when he has a fever. Well, I explained, that's because his immune system is fighting the invader it is ignoring the landlord.

Once she understood the finer details (about immunosuppressants) she said:

And this could cure Bug?

I was taken aback, really. Because the answer is yes. Yes it could. He would have to follow the regime for a long time, maybe forever, but it could, REALLY cure him.

I have never thought about this FRa, and CFD and ASD and all of the other TLA's (Three letter acronyms - thank you Glenn - that's still one of my favorites) being actually CUREABLE. Just treatable. And, in a way, constant treatment isn't really a cure, is it? But if it helps him, if it allows him to communicate better, if it allows him to see the world from a standing position instead of on the ground, then, hell, that's a cure for me.


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Diamond Potential Awareness Award
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