A little bit of normal

>> Wednesday, January 2, 2013

And a lot of Bug. :)

He was fun and happy and very vocal today. With one big -ish seizure and two iffies. Pretty cool compared to yesterday.

Yesterday he totaled 6 seizures and 3 poop filled diapers. AH HA! So, that's why the 6. Yep, intestinal irregularities kick off seizures in Bug.

Today, was a lot more normal. He even watched a fair amount of TV, when we had it on, and would STOP spinning to watch. This is a bit of a big deal really. Usually, the play continues but it was, as if, he was actually paying attention. Cool, huh?

He took a late bath and is just glowing. This child is truly beautiful, inside and out. But he is still snotty and probably can't go to school tomorrow. Although one never knows, it's probably another day at home for the Bugster. I'm not complaining. He's warm, he likes to cuddle and he is almost saying Mama daily. I'll take it. Boy, will I take it.


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