What Christmas?

>> Sunday, December 30, 2012

The house, was sick.

Not THE HOUSE, the people in our house. This means ONE thing to us (since we are used to boogers) Bug will seize like crazy and then...a few days of NO seizures.

Yep, it's part of the Folate Autoantibody. When he is getting sick, his immune system ramps up and BAM! more seizures. When he has a fever, he has absolutely NO seizures. NONE. This time he had the fever for only 12 hours. He was miserable, but he was seizure free for 3 days. Now, he is feeling better, he is averaging one (1) a day. ONE. He had two the other day, but for the last 4 days...one a day. Hooray. Very much hooray.

And to top it off, I possibly found a Doctor that is familiar enough with MTHFR that he MAY be familiar with FRa and CFD and Epilepsy. Good Christmas...a little gross and a lot of Ibuprofen gifts but all in all...good Christmas.


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What a Seizure looks like (Graphic Content Included)


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Seizure Tracker.com
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Diamond Potential Awareness Award

Diamond Potential Awareness Award
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