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>> Friday, November 16, 2012

I feel the need to stress one particular statistic today.

1 in 10 people will have a seizure in their lifetime.

This is more powerful than actually being diagnosed with Epilepsy for ONE reason: More than twice the people diagnosed know what a seizure is like. And it came out of the blue.

With Bug, he was a healthy, happy, although non verbal, beautiful child one day and then next...he had a Epilepsy.

We awoke one morning in our routine, two happy babies, one tired Mommy and a busy Daddy getting ready for work. Two diapers were changed, one Daddy left for work, two children were fed and happy and we all sat down to play. And we played. Two naps were taken (Mommy tried but it didn't work) and then we all took a shower. Then Bug fell. Suddenly, with impact, on the shower floor. I took care of the baby, and moved him, once he responded, to my bedroom, put a diaper on him, wrapped him in a blanket and fetched the baby, who was wiggling on the floor in bathroom, happily cooing.

When I came back into my bedroom, he was asleep. I let him sleep. And he did, for three hours!

When he awoke from that nap, he came downstairs and promptly had a massive Tonic/Clonic seizure. We were in the Hospital for three hours, running tests and hearing: Normal. Normal. Normal. All test were normal. His seizure may have been normal. Nothing to do but wait and see.

The rest is history.

That's how quickly he became a statistic to the medical community. He was treated like a statistic for a lot of years, but we always treated him like a little boy. A warrior, a child with strength beyond that of Hercules. Because he always lifts himself up and he always goes on. That's a statistic they don't track: How many persevere?

1 in 10 people will have a seizure in their lifetime. Do you know what to do?


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