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>> Monday, October 22, 2012

For the last 4 weeks, Bug has been taking Prednisone, just to see if we can mute the FRA (Folate Reductase Autoantibody).

For the first week he had a stomach illness and was seizing several times a day, and it took us over a week to calm that down and replace the natural flora and fauna in his system. Once we accomplished that, and he was feeling better, we noticed he was going a day or two here and there with NO seizures. I should clarify: with no APPARENT seizures.

The last three days have been, well, kinda fun, sorta interesting and a waiting game. His energy has been through the roof. He is smiling, he is playing and he has only had two seizures that were very mild. Because of his history, we aren't excited though, we are cautious. Hell of a way to live huh? Instead of jumping for joy, we are watching that other shoe.

Now that doesn't mean that we aren't grateful and happy, we just aren't thrilled. Not yet. Instead, we are trying to keep him fed, which is next to impossible since his appetite is back with a vengeance, and keeping an eye out.

The important thing is that he is happy. Very happy. And really, that is all that matters. I will be stealing some of his happiness later today though; he is having his blood drawn again for the FRA test that Quadros performs. We are anxious to see if the Prednisone lowered the titer. If it has, then we will order a CBC (Complete Blood Count) with ALL the bells and whistles just to see what his normal levels look like, because really, we never have seen that. The autoantibody can change A LOT of things and it will be interesting to see if that leads us to something else.

Sounds like fun doesn't it? I guess, for nerds, it is.


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