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>> Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It certainly was not a pleasant night.

We upped his Lamictal last night.

Innocuous statement. Or at least it WOULD have been.

A few weeks ago, we accidentally double dosed the little man. It wasn't much of a concern because he has been on the higher doses before. With one exception: Lamictal.

And, on that higher dose he didn't seize. For two days. So, we asked Dr. F if we could up the level. His serum level of Lamictal was too low to be therapeutic so...why not? New script in hand and we left happy. ALL of us. Including Bug.

So last night, we gave him another 50mg. And he was giddy. I mean GIDDY. Laughing out loud, big belly laughs...here's the problem: at inappropriate things.

He would NOT sleep. We broke out the Melatonin. It didn't work. OK, it was a low dose, so we gave him another shot of it. Still...no worky. Then one more, just in case. Bringing the total dose to 7.5mg. Completely OK and safe but still...nothing. He was laughing and wiggling and just way too happy.

So, I held onto him, watched some Soccer and prayed he would crash. He didn't. Of course he didn't, that would have been too easy. So, another Clonazepam was ingested and at 12:45am, he began to clam down a little. I was laying on his legs so he couldn't get up (it went Bug, pillow, Mom for the record) and I fell asleep. He was patting me on the back and petting my hair. At 1:15 I woke up and he was looking very worn out. So I laid back on my side and he put his legs over me and fell asleep.

And then I felt him tense up.

It was the first. It wasn't too bad. 10 seconds. I wondered if I dreamed it. And then, at 1:45, another, longer seizure. By 2:45 and the longest yet, I got the Diastat and the Oxygen. But the kid had been VERY smelly most of the night. So I hesitated. What's the point of giving him the Diastat if it will not stay in place? It was a good call, and bad call.

Good call, because the next seizure a few minutes later, and he had a VERY full, and kinda gross diaper. We debated giving him the Diastat at that point BUT....again, would not be too much of a benefit if he is going to clear everything out. 4, maybe 5 more seizures, two uses of Oxygen and it was morning.

Now, there is no giddiness. There is no energy. He is asleep on the couch. Beautifully asleep with no seizures in over an hour. I am sure he is exhausted. He ran a marathon last night. All I did was comfort him. Needless to say, I am extremely tired, very worried and sick to my stomach. Let's hope it was the sick tummy that was getting him, please let it be that. I can't bear the alternative.


Jennifer October 3, 2012 at 8:54 AM  

I'm so sorry... hope he's feeling better when he wakes.

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