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>> Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Poor Bug, poor ickie Bug.

Heck of a morning.

Here's the obligatory disclaimer:


Bug has been constipated for a little while. We gave him Miralax and it helped. A lot. He went 48 hours without a seizure once the Miralax worked, which was AWESOME. And then....

We thought that maybe it worked too well. He has been having runny diapers and seizing 5 times a day for the last 4 days. And then I got a call from his school nurse yesterday:

Glenn has diarrhea.

I explained that it might be an allergy but thank you for letting me know.

Boy, was I wrong. I changed a couple of water-like diapers last night, gave him some yogurt, held him through 4 seizures in an hour and prayed it would get better. It seemed to, for a few hours. He slept peacefully and quietly and then Taylor came downstairs at 6:20am.

What's up Tay? Everything OK?

Her response: I think Bug threw up.

I went upstairs and he was sitting in something alright. I touched his mouth; it was dry.

Uh oh.

I carried him out of the room and then he walked downstairs. Glenn cleaned him up while I cleaned up the bedsheets, and the blankets, one pillow and a stuffed dog. And then, I fully came online and the smell hit me. Dang. It was NOT vomit.

I went downstairs and Glenn said: I don't think it was vomit.

He washed Bug in the bath and I let him stay in the water (once he was clean) for a few minutes. Until he seized.

At that point, we got him out, wrapped him up and I took him into the family room and cuddled with him while he slept. One more seizure and the sun was up. I gave him his meds which made him he perk up but he is still staying home. Hopefully, the poop monster is gone.


Jennifer October 10, 2012 at 10:19 AM  

This kid can't catch a break lately... Ugh!

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