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>> Friday, October 26, 2012

There comes a point when, no matter what logic says, you will try almost anything. That is how it is with chronic conditions. It's not a breaking point, it's not really a turning point, in fact, it might be termed a desperation point.

And all one needs is a little positive reinforcement and they will become a true believer.

I have seen this for decades. It started with my OWN experiences: RA, 8 Knee Surgeries, Infertility, Secondary Infertility and then it culminated with Bug.

I have entertained all sorts of alternatives and I have thought about them more and more especially after his fall the other day. Have we done enough to help him?

Then I think: Good heavens, we have done more than his Doctor's have. We pushed and we begged and printed out numerous medical publications (not narrowed to OUR viewpoint but that fit his symptoms) with legitimate provence, and we have held him almost everyday, comforting him while he seizes. One can not comprehend the toll it takes until you have been there. Not that one can not imagine, but imagination is not reality is it?

So, I am back to wondering: What next?

I suppose that all depends on what his latest FRA level tells us. If his level was lowered by the Prednisone, then we will proceded full steam into repressing that Auto Antibody. No diet will effect that, no medication will cure it, all we can do is trick it into going away.

The next test on the list:

Lumbar Puncture

NOT looking forward to that, but how else will we know if the Leucovorin is helping?


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