On days when all you can do is laugh

>> Wednesday, October 24, 2012

This morning started out particularly bad.

I woke up 6:30am and could not go back to sleep. I got the baby a bottle at 7:15 and just laid there, thinking.

At around 7:45 I heard gasping and choking. I wondered if it was Ava sucking on her bottle but I quickly realized that it was Bug: Seizing.

I ran upstairs. Usually, by the time one of us gets there he is done and recovering, not this morning. He was still in full T/C.

I made sure he could breathe, lifted his head off of the pillow (he was somewhat turned into it) and waited for it to stop. After about 30 seconds he started the deeper breathing and the convulsions lessened. Once he was done I picked him up and carried him downstairs where the Oxygen is. He cuddled and twitched for about 40 minutes and then he sat up, happy and smiling.

So, deep breath, here's where it starts getting 'fun'.

He was laying on the couch, while I was changing Ava's diaper, and I quickly 'realized' (the smell was overwhelming, it was impossible to ignore) that Bug needed to be changed as well. As I was finishing up with Ava, Bug started to sit up...this simple move was the beginning of the gross. What WAS in his diaper was now leaking onto the couch. Glenn grabbed him and held him in place. I cleaned him and the couch and then we got everyone ready for school. Bug didn't eat. This is not unusual after a T/C of that magnitude so I didn't think much of it. I figured he would just eat a large lunch.

Glenn headed to work and I loaded the threesome into the car and dropped Taylor at school.

Bug's school is less than 5 minutes from Tay's. He didn't make it that long. About a half of a block from his school I heard: gag and splat.

Yep, puked in my car. Now, this is the toughest part of a non verbal child. There is no: Mommy, I don't feel well. No warning whatsoever. There is just Gag and Splat. If one is a lucky Mom then she has the chance to notice 'the look' and try to intercept. But I was driving! Luckily it wasn't much. He had almost emptied himself into the diaper earlier. Thank heavens for small, and yet, disgusting things.

I turned around and took him home. I cried on the way. I know he has a metabolic issue and NO ONE will look into it. Even IF this is a stomach bug, which it probably is, it just brought home how much this child has problems with his stomach and his bowels. When we got home, I cleaned him up, put him on the couch and turned on the TV so he could watch cartoons. Adding to the morning: Rolie Polie Olie was on. I cried again. THIS was 3 year old Bug's favorite cartoon. He would dance and laugh and sit, transfixed, through the entire show. He had action figures and books with Rolie Polie Olie on it. He absolutely loved it. 9 year old Bug, didn't even look at it.

Two more seizures later, several poppy diapers and one more vomit (caught in time) and he was asleep.

By Noon I had the count down: 2 vomits, 7 poopy diapers (between Bug AND Ava), one load of laundry, one van clean out and a small breakfast for Bug. If there is a partridge anywhere in a pear tree I am sure it's gagging.

I can not smell anything but...well...not to be too indelicate...poop. AFTER noon, add 4 more poopy diapers to the count and I can tell (gag) that I need to go take care of one more.

Thank you Lindsey Palmer and Scentsy. Just thank you.


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