Adding injury to insult

>> Thursday, October 25, 2012

After the day Bug had, I was looking forward to a quiet evening. He was feeling better, smiling and playing and the house was mess because of it. No biggie there, it will eventually be cleaned, but not last night.

I was feeding Ava in preparation for bedtime. Bug was walking around playing and spinning and then I heard the THUD behind me. I turned to see him face down on the floor, arms and legs out.


He was only inches from me and inches from the corner of the kitchen cabinets so I prepared for blood.

He whimpered and just laid there.

I rolled him over onto his side in case he was seizing. He wasn't so I pulled him further into the middle of the floor and sat him on me. I saw a considerable amount of blood from him mouth and then saw the tooth.


I quickly realized it was his baby tooth that had been holding firm for months. He has a permanent tooth behind it but it wasn't close enough to push the old tooth out. I reached toward the tooth it pull it from him mouth so he didn't choke on it and that's when he went into full, and ugly, T/C.

I will pause here to explain a little. With Bug's condition, and with a lot of people that have Epilepsy, any shock to the system can kick off a seizure. With Bug, it's a guarantee. His seizures are central nervous system related this...was bound to happen with an injury.

The seizure lasted about a minute and it hit him hard. We cleaned off as much blood as we could to see if he needed to go to the ER. Then, we saw the little gash on his bottom lip. It needed attention. And then we noticed that the bridge of his nose was a little blue...both Glenn and I decided, at that time, that a CT scan was needed. As we prepped the kids, Bug was very lethargic, more so than with his normal postictal state. And worry set in.

When one walks in carrying a child, bleeding from the mouth, they will walk you right back to the first open room. They know Bug by now, not all of them, but most. He was back in the room, the Doctor was in when I walked back (I dropped Glenn, Bug and Tay off and parked with Ava), which was all of 10 minutes.

Doc decided he might go with a spot of glue on the lip (not normally done but he wanted to avoid knocking the kid out) and a CT scan. Wouldn't you know the CT machine was available AT THAT MOMENT. So they hurried him over. He did superbly. Never before has he had a CT scan and NOT been tied down or sedated, until last night. Hooray! Of course, it was because he was injured and postictal but still...

The glue was placed, the CT scan was good and we went home with a tooth in my pocket.

Bug was miserable. We had to crush his meds up because his lip and tongue were so swollen and obviously hurting.

Now, these meds are NOT supposed to be crushed and now we know why.

Bug slept by me all night, and on me, and every hour he would have a seizure. A mild one, a Tonic for 5 or 10 seconds. It made for a long night, but again, it was to be expected really. His lip is pretty awful but no black eyes. I have a little bit of blood on my nightshirt from where he was laying on me, but it all comes out in the wash.

Now, if we can get him to stop playing with it with his tongue...


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