Sick Bug

>> Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Poor little Monkey Man is sick again. It happens when school is first in. At least I know it wasn't HIM that got the other kids in class sick. Small consolation.

He hasn't been seizing much. In three days, only minor events. And no real discernable fever either. Since his ear tubes have fallen out I worry about those darn ear infections coming back, but there is no rubbing or tugging and, like I said, no fever. But his cough sounds like it hurts. And that does not make Mama Monkey happy. Still, he is smiling and somewhat happy and eating, although not as much, he is still eating and drinking so that's something.

Nothing new to report on the talking front, but he is being VERY sweet to his littlest sister. I think he may actually like her now. She laughs at him and his spinning and he seems pleased with it. Fingers crossed.

Have I mentioned, I LOVE the camera system? That's him, right there on the left. Sleeping. Next to Taylor. Her bed is is being occupied at the moment, and even when it's not, you find her there. When we force her. My angels. Thank God they are asleep.


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