What a Nice Time

>> Monday, July 30, 2012

Seattle showed us a few seizures but they were...odd...for Bug. He had ONE Tonic...in 4 days. NOT bad. BUT, he had 3 Complex Partial events. In an hour. At the Red Robin. Odd.

Since then, and we returned last Tuesday, we have seen one minor one a day. NO Tonic/Clonics.

And then there is yesterday.

He has been sleeping well, taking naps, and smiling. He has been 'talking' with his mouth closed, like he used to do when he was 2. He has said: Mama, although not as clearly as he has in the past. It is the constant verbalizations that have been so wonderful. He is talking to himself, chirping, mumbling and seeking out people. He will sit next to someone, or stand in front of them and make them LOOK AT HIM. He will grab our faces and turn them to face his and then...he yammers something.

I haven't been this excited in years. YEARS.

But he has a runny nose. And that's gross. But, so what? Please let this continue. Please?


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Diamond Potential Awareness Award
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