A run and then the crash

>> Monday, July 9, 2012

For 3 days Bug had ONE small seizure a day. Whoopee! And then...Sunday hit.

All I can say about yesterday: God REALLY does not want Bug to go to church.

We awoke to him falling down the stairs. Glenn jumped out of bed and found him sitting calmly on the landing. When he brought him to our room, his lips were blue. Yah, sure sign of T/C. How did we miss this? His camera is not recording so I couldn't go back and look but still...didn't need it.

He fell back asleep next to us and then...another milder seizure. I gave him his meds a little early and he slept a while longer.

He had another one later in the day so 3 total, that we saw.

We need to get these damn things under better control, he is not making noises again AND he is manically spinning off and on. SO, I either wait until October, especially since the Leucovorin has only been high enough for 2 weeks and on it for 6 weeks when it can take 4 months to build up enough to make a difference, OR...I sacrifice chickens.

On a side note: Taylor does not carry the Folate Receptor Autoantibody. We had her tested to...well...be sure and to make sure that she is not having any tangible issues. Just little jealous ones.

I am insanely pleased that she is negative. Insanely. Now...to wait it out with Ava. Sigh.


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Diamond Potential Awareness Award
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