Costco brings out...the worst?

>> Monday, July 9, 2012

We ran to Costco to get some things that are better purchased at Costco when there are 5 in the family, and no sooner were we in the door when Bug went Tonic. It was an intense one. He threw his toy, didn't mean to, mind you, he couldn't control himself. It flew and landed with a resounding clank! It got attention. One woman stared and continued to stare for a few seconds, when I said, out loud:

He always seem to have a seizure at Costco.

She may, or may not, have heard me and really I don't care if she did. I wanted to say something else, but I held my tongue. HELD IT. No smart comment just a simple one. And a true one. He does. He does seem to have a seizure every time we are there.

It made me recall when I was pregnant with him. Anytime I went into Costco I would get sick. I would be really dizzy and feel like I was going to fall down. I could not get my bearings about me. Why would that be? I haven't done it since. Incidental, maybe, but hell of a coincidence.

It lasted about a minute and took him a good 3 minutes to fully come out of it. After which, he was playing and smiling a little but still just a little off. He was very sweet with Ava. She wanted his toy and he let her have it a few times. Luckily she has the attention span of a pea and he got it back fairly quickly.

I gave him a full tablet of Clonazepam with his regular meds. We HAVE to stop these damn things. Have to.

Oh, and aside from the rude staring, later, we were eating hot dogs and salad...cuz why not? and Ava dropped her toy (for about the 100th time). It rolled over by the trash can where a man was standing. He looked down at it, and then looked at me trying to move Bug to go get the thing and he stepped over it and walked away. His Momma done taught him wrong, she did. All I could think of was WWJD? I can't help it. We live in Utah County, the epicenter of 'what looks good, must be good' and I can't help but to pass my own unrighteous judgments now and again. So I thought: And THIS is why it's more important to be a kind and helpful person than to just make sure you attend Church regularly. Church attendance alone does NOT pay the price of admission when you step over someone that needs help. As small as it may seem, these are the things that add to the tally. And what is Church for but to learn how to be good to one another? He's minus one tonight.


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