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>> Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I always jinx it. Always.

When we went to pick up the monkey boy from school for his Doctor appt, both Glenn and I commented that we thought he looked like he was going to seize. These are the times we wish we were wrong. But we weren't.

Starting at about 1:30 he seized. By 3:30:pm he had 4 under his belt. 4. In 2 hours. This is how you piss me off.

I have been weening the Clonazapam, but that is out the window now. Gave him half a tab 40 minutes ago and haven't seen one since. He is still being pretty vocal, so that's good. And watching TV. Also good.

Got the thumbs up for increasing the Leucovorin. Just have to pick it up. Hooray. Way hooray.


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Diamond Potential Awareness Award
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