Hello 2 year old Bug!

>> Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bug did something a little while ago that I haven't seen in, oh, 7 years. I tried to film it but he stopped doing it before I started recording.

He was sitting on the couch and began shaking his head back and forth. It mimics the 'no' action but with more forceful and purposeful movements. He used to do it a lot and then stop to smile, only to start back up again. We saw this last when he was 2.

Now, THAT, is not wishful thinking.

I am NOT as excited about the running from room to room. Although...that too, is pretty exciting, and not as destructive as it was back then. He is making a lot of noises as well. Doing the Bug 'hum' that everyone who knew him then was familiar with. Each day, each week, gets more interesting. Still seeing those stupid seizures though. But...we are working on it.


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