>> Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It's always tough to witness a seizure. So many things go through your brain, not the least of which is: Am I watching him/her die? Odds are, no, but think it. Can't help it, they are frightening as hell.

Bugster had two T/C this morning. Both sucked. The one at 5am was worse. Luckily, he went right back to sleep like nothing had happened, and for him, nothing had. For his brain, well, it may just be continuing to entrench itself in the pattern of seizing. And THAT is NOT acceptable.

With the Clonazepam back on the morning routine, he snapped out of it and hasn't had one since 8:15am. Hooray. This morning he started the 25mg in the AM and 25mg in PM of the Leucovorin. Now, I KNOW that we aren't supposed to see a difference yet, but MAN is he more verbal and watching SpongeBob a lot (don't pooh pooh Da Sponge to me, EVER, when he watches THAT, I KNOW he is doing well, Da Sponge is a great baseline). He is chirping while spinning wheels. It's totally cool.

Now...on to finding him a great Immunologist.


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Diamond Potential Awareness Award
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