All sorts of tears.

>> Sunday, June 24, 2012

Yesterday saw only a few small issues, some quick myoclonic stuff, nothing major. But this morning we woke up to Taylor screaming SEIZURE!

When we got up there, he was in full T/C. Another bad one. We waited it out and I carried him downstairs. He received his medication, upped by one Leucovorin, taking the total to 15mg 3x a day. He slept for 4 hours.

Was it the seizure that made him tired? Maybe. And maybe it was the up in the Leucovorin. The last few times we have increased his medication, he has slept. Could be a good thing. Let's hope it's a good thing.

Another good thing: He has been crying when he gets hurt. Like most kids do. Crying. Not whining, not holding his hurt body part, but real tears. It's kinda cool. Although he is HURT when he does so, boo for being hurt, hooray for being bothered by it.

He cried more about hitting his head on the kitchen counter than he did when he had stitches in his eyelid. Maybe it's just me, but doesn't that say: Hi, I am more aware and THIS FREAKING HURTS. ?

A not so good thing: Taylor is acting like she is having problems. She is twitching a fair amount, and stuttering when she talks. Jury is out if she is exaggerating or if there is something actually going on. We will talk to the Doctor about it on Tuesday. Sigh.


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Diamond Potential Awareness Award
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