>> Monday, December 12, 2011

Wow, it's been awhile.

Bug has been doing so much better now that we have him off of the Ketogenic diet. THAT was a nightmare. Not because of the food, no, he loved the food, but because of what it did to his system. It made him constipated and THAT makes him seize more...a lot more. He was having 6 - 10 seizures a day. Since we have taken him off the most he has had was 3 (and that is when he is constipated). Not only did he have more seizures, he was hardly smiling, hardly playing and wouldn't make a peep. Now, he jabbers more. He is smiling, he is playing, he is scrounging food and being kinda annoying. But cute. Extremely cute.

His OCD has stepped up some though. Trying to work on that. Currently, he wants to feel the food in his mouth. It's gross. But we have been through it before so, hopefully, we can break him of that habit in less time than it took the first time.

The biggest reason it took me so long to update was his new little sister. She was born November 30th, 3:51am, 7lb 2oz, 19 inches and cute as a button! She looks A LOT like her brother, which means that I project his issues onto her. Can't help it. She makes a sudden move (as infants who can not control their arms and legs often do) and I startle. I watch her sleep and wonder if her eye rolls (during REM) are 'events'. Then I breathe and remember: She is Ava, not Bug. She is her father's daughter. And just to prove it...I have pictures. I will try to post more regularly, but really, that's a crap shoot with a baby. Anyway, the pictures...Enjoy.


What a Seizure looks like (Graphic Content Included)



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Diamond Potential Awareness Award

Diamond Potential Awareness Award
Thank you Holly at Diamond Potential for this award. Awareness leads to understanding and acceptance. And let's face it, we all need to feel accepted for who we are. The battle has just begun!

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