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>> Monday, August 1, 2011

Facial tics? Really?

So I look it up and sure enough, Phenobarbital withdrawal (even slowly) can cause facial tics. Nice.

We decided to reduce the Pheno because of his fatigue and lack of moving. His muscles are atrophying, as well losing more weight, he still isn't eating well, he couldn't keep his eyes open and his sleep pattern was incredibly off. As we know, sleep disturbances can increase seizure activity. So we decreased it and upped the Lamictal. Suddenly, we have a smiling boy who can walk down the hall again. Sure, he is still a little trippy dippy but so much better he is eating eggs and hot dogs again.

He has become a guerrilla cuddler, which is interesting. When Nana and Papa leave, later today, I am in real lap trouble. ;)

He has had 4 seizures the last two days and started the first two hours this morning with 2. As far as his seizures go, they aren't bad ones. Tonic lasting less than 30 seconds and he immediately comes out of them. In fact, he had one standing and didn't fall over, he was able to catch himself and continue spinning the stylus for the Doodle Pro.

Hoping that his Lamictal level increases and the seizures decrease again. I'll settle for one a week. Sigh.


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Diamond Potential Awareness Award
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