>> Friday, July 22, 2011

This child, this beautiful, happy child had three seizures yesterday. Serious. WTF? He is on so many strong medications and we are establishing the Modified Atkins with some Keto in it and STILL...3?

One was confirmed and two were...I THINKS.

Today he has had one. Already. One Tonic that was 5 seconds.

Don't mind saying: this sucks and I am depressed as hell. Time to car shop.


50 Clonazepam 2x
30 Phenobarbital 2x
150mg Lamictal 2x
3.6 ml Dilantin 2x

And then last night we stepped it up:

60 Phenobarbital
175Mg Lamictal

And STILL a seizure this morning an hour after:

50 Clonazepam
60 Phenobarbital
175mg Lamictal
3.6 Dilantin

He is sleeping now. I'm not. I am watching him and being pissed that I haven't received a call back from the Neuro's office. Really? How difficult is it to just give me the damn MTHFR results? Screaming seems so...not useful.


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