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>> Thursday, February 17, 2011

Been lax, I know. But, no one has complained so...

In keeping with the: Getting the children in their own rooms endeavor, I bought Bug an Emfit and Glenn bought a Camera System. It was a little competition to see who could get the coolest device so we could cuddle again. It was a tie.

The Emfit Movement Monitor is scheduled to be here today, but with the storm last night, I would not be surprised if it was rescheduled. The Emfit fits under the mattress and monitors purposeful movements. It's sensitivity can detect any 'unexpected anomaly' that is movement related. Such as muscle spasms that are likely to be seizures, and of course, getting out of bed. When those movements and activities are 'out of normal range' and likely to be seizures, we will be notified via a remote in our room. Wee Hoo...we are thrilled.

When Bug started having multiple seizures at night, he started sleeping next to us. For 4 years he has slept next to us, and for 4 years, Tay has demanded to sleep next to him. But now, the rules have changed. Tay says with the camera she will sleep in her room. Uh Huh. We'll see.

But wait...there's more...

It's not enough to just KNOW he is seizing at night, we need to see what he is doing as well. He is having Myoclonic's and Drop's occasionally and he is very active, we can not follow him around all the time. Although, we have. So Glenn picked up the Logitech Alert DIY Digital Video System .

This system is slick. If you can plug in a lamp and install software, then you can set this up. The Cameras plug into a power brick via a Cat5 cable, and the power brick plugs into the wall socket. The base unit plugs into a wall socket AND a network jack. Then, install the software and that's it. TADA! It will record as much video as you want it to record. THIS could be helpful when showing a Doctor what seizures the patient is having. I can't tell you how crappy it is to not be believed until they see it for themselves. I can view the video feed on my laptop, phone and iPod Touch. Which sends this techie into a naked happy dance on the table. The coolness of this is practically particle splitting with no big boom cool.

I was so impressed with the system, we are buying two more camera's today.

We have big hope for sleeping alone in a room again, all the while knowing and seeing that Bug is safe. Our lives, have just gotten a little more secure. Thank you Emfit and thank you Logitech. Although I doubt that Logitech thought about Bug when they invented this, but maybe I will let them know.


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