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>> Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bug got to bed late last night because I was at the Crop Because You Care event (which was awesome!) and fell asleep right around 11PM. Shortly after, the Emfit Remote went off...I ran upstairs and he was breathing heavy and convulsions but the drooling is a sure sign. It was wonderful to be able to comfort him when he came out of it with his now standard: Mama. He smiled, I smiled and he went back to sleep. I went immediately to the computer to view the video and there wasn't any...the damn camera was offline. Argh. I fixed it and waited. But the rest of the night was fairly quiet.

Except for 3am when the alarm went off again: he was out of bed. I found him on the stairs VERY smelly. Changed the diaper, carried him to bed and he slept soundly until he and Tay (who has been sleeping next to him so Nana and Papa can have her room) started pushing him toward the side of the bed. He pushed her back, the alarm went off and I watched them struggle. Finally, Bug got her over enough to lay down and after a few minutes, she moved over more. They slept for another hour before they were up for the day.

I was excited that the Emfit caught his seizure, not happy the camera was offline but I was there to comfort him and make sure he comes around so it was still pretty perfect.


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Diamond Potential Awareness Award
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