February 3, 2011

>> Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bug has been ill...again. And if one more person tells me: He is sick a lot, I may have to slap them. I KNOW he is. He has been to the Doctor that can tell me how his immune system is and they say it is fine. He likes to put things in his mouth, all the time, and anything that will fit. Gee...I wonder if that is why.

He doesn't seize when he IS sick, but when he is getting sick.

This time, he had a few bad ones but mostly he had Myoclonics. Quite a few this morning. About one every ten minutes. He had been holding the pills in his mouth and letting them melt, instead of swallowing them. He's getting awfully good at that.

But what concerns me the most is the weight loss. Sure, he is getting taller, but he is so thin. I know that all 8 year old's go through this but it's hard when they can't say: Mom, I'm FINE! No, I just have to watch what he eats and THAT he eats. At this point he can eat Cheetos and Hamburgers all day everyday, as long as he eats. And he has been wobbly and clumsy. Could also be his sudden growth spurt. So hard to know.

AND he is losing his two front teeth! This is a Holy Crap moment for me. For Tay too...she keeps checking her teeth and asking if they are loose. It's super cute.

In the middle of all this sickness, Bug woke up at 4am one morning and said: Mom. Just Mom. Clear as day, so clear I thought it was Tay but it wasn't. It was my little boy making sure Mom was still there.

How can I be away from him when his Emfit gets delivered? This may be tougher than I thought.


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