Another night, another...nothing.

>> Tuesday, February 22, 2011

He slept well and no alarms. Well, in the morning it did, but if you saw him try to wake up you would know why. He likes to stretch and pull the covers over his head. THIS action mimics a Tonic seizure. So, I am glad it went off, I had to look closely and get Glenn in on it to determine if it was or was not an event. Thank you cameras, and we concluded it wasn't.

Now, you may ask, How come you don't know?

Good question and let me 'splain.

Bug used to have 3+ minute T/C' doubting that business. Scary, lousy, and stupid, stupid seizures. Lately he has been having more Drops and Tonics. The Drops are easy to tell as well, he suddenly stops, stares and then collapses. Thankfully, he is sitting down more than standing when this happens. But the Tonics, those can be harder to determine if they are short and he doesn't moan or scream. We are grateful they are smaller and harder to detect. With Bug, his Tonic begins with his left hand tightening up and raising above his head, then his whole body goes rigid and then he relaxes. It's very fast now, less than 20 seconds usually and not too scary just stupid stupid. He can have 2 or 3 a night and then a drop during the day sometimes. With camera's in his favorite rooms we will know EXACTLY how many he has that we miss. But it is still difficult to tell when he is having a Tonic while asleep. So we now use the Emfit to tell us 'something' happened and the camera to attempt to verify.

Did that help?

He is asleep on our bed now, climbed out of his at 8:30am (setting off the alarm within 4 seconds) or so and stumbled, because he was still tired, into our room. I made the bed and placed him on it with his SpongeBob pillow (recently rediscovered) and a blanket and within 5 minutes he was asleep, with blanket pulled over his head.

Hopefully he can make it to school today. It's been a week and he is talking so much I want more witnesses. And, of course, speech therapy to assist him further along.


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