November 9, 2010

>> Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I pulled out the infamous yellow form from Bug's backpack this morning. And it appears it wasn't an Absence seizure but an actual Tonic. It read that it was less than 30 seconds and he was rigid. Sounds like a Tonic Seizure to me.

And now I am worried that he is back in Status.

Other Mom's worry about their kids being sick, having a cough, a runny nose. These things are minor to me. Do they have the potential to be serious? Yes, will they usually be serious? No. The ick will run it's course and the child will be skipping and watching TV soon enough, maybe eating books again in a few days. But with Bug, he seizes during the day and I worry that he is in Status again. That his brain is misfiring A LOT, and that can be severely damaging.

What I need is an at home EEG monitor. And medication. For him AND me.


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Diamond Potential Awareness Award
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