>> Tuesday, November 2, 2010

He might have had two last night. MIGHT have. He moaned for a few seconds the first time but by the time I crawled over there he was back asleep. The second one was definitely a seizure.

I swear that it wasn't a coincidence that he went so long with no seizures...I KNOW that his Doctors are missing something. Missing because they are treating the SYMPTOMS, which are the seizures and NOT looking for a CAUSE.

I have learned that when your computer screen goes completely black, it might NOT be a bad screen. It could be a bad power connector, it could be a bad driver, it could be a conflict with another device, but you should at least try to figure out if the whole screen is broken or not before you stop searching for the cause and throw it out. It's a simple analogy but it works.

If Doctors looked at the person really and truly as a whole and didn't get bogged down by one or two of the self reported symptoms then they would be better troubleshooters. And that actually is all they are, but most of them suck at it if it's not cut and dry.

With Bug, his Doc hasn't even tried really. *I* have. *I* gave him the list of meds I wanted to try, *I* got him into Genetics before the 12 month wait, *I* got him hearing, actually hearing well again by NOT listening to his Neuro and calling an ENT. All those things, his Doctor was NOT going to do. When Bug's first set of Genetics came back with normal anomalies, his Doctor REFUSED to do anymore. So, no Dravet, no West's, no Angelman's(which would be a shock since he has almost no symptoms of that one) no Rhett. NOTHING else. Lazy, arrogant, bastard.

Where's my coke?


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What a Seizure looks like (Graphic Content Included)


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Diamond Potential Awareness Award
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