Some nights...aren't.

>> Sunday, September 5, 2010

We had eaten Falafel in Pita's for dinner and they were very good. We used a mix for the Falafel and everything else was made by us. Pita included. Bug had three.

Throughout most of the day, Bug had been eating ravenously. I bought him a big bag of chips to keep him snacking so he wouldn't eat off the floor, ground, shelves, shoes, etc...

It came back to haunt me.

I took Megan home and when I returned, at about 11:00pm, Bug's bed was stripped, he was stripped and sleeping, the washer was running and Glenn was playing on his iPod.

I said: Uh oh, Did Bug puke?

Glenn said: Yep, a lot. And I mean a LOT. Not just the Falafel...did he have noodles?

And he continued to puke throughout the night. At about 3AM, 3:22 to be precise, we gave him a Phenergan we had left over from something a few months back, and he puked two more times before going to sleep. At about 5AM I woke up because I thought he was having difficulty and I smelled something foul. With the amount of gas in room (Falafel will do that) I blew it off.

At 6:45 I woke up and the smell was still there and Bug began to heave again. So I helped him and realized he was poopy. Not just a little. And he had pooped while he was on his stomach. It was THE worst diaper I have ever seen. We surmise that, because he did poop bucketloads, his Phenergan was not entirely successful. We will give him a few hours to wake up from the medicine that did get into him and then take him to the Doctor.

Through all of that, he had one seizure. He also had one in the car while we were running around, he was asleep when he did so maybe he is back to sleep-dependent seizures.

The REALLY bad part about last night, isn't that the internal washer drain is clogged so we had to put all the dirty linens/clothes/pillows into the bathtub, it's bad enough that he is miserable, but he was miserable at intervals that allowed for Glenn and I to get into deep sleep before we were jolted awake. I haven't been this drained since he was a baby and waking up every hour. I am sure after we take him to the Doctor, we can take naps. Most stomach meds make him sleep so we might all get relief soon.

However, I think our room will NEVER smell right again. But at least it will get cleaned within an inch of tearing it down. That has to be good, right?


Laurel September 5, 2010 at 9:13 AM  

My little temper tantrum is nothing compared to this! What a night! Hope you all get some relief, if only for the day.

Nett September 8, 2010 at 11:14 AM  

Thanks Laurel...he recovered well. After a slow start the next morning he was full of piss and vinegar. And I felt a little better too. :)

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