September 7, 2010

>> Tuesday, September 7, 2010

No events.

Boy was he a handful.

After the great vomit-a-loosa he started out slow and then was ravenous...we had to slow him down. Not as easy as it sounds.

He is now building things to get into cupboards, also climbing all sorts of things for all sorts of reasons. He seems to just be more 'there' than he ever was before. He is playing more creatively and was NOT as interested in Doodle Pro's as he usually is. It's been interesting to watch him, but horrible to contain him.

He still can not understand what certain words mean...he gets No and Stop but only bits and pieces of more complex sentences. And he still has NO impulse control...well...maybe a little because he isn't as all over the place as he has been.

It's slow going...but we are seeing little things that encourage us.

Of course, I still do not dare to hope. At all. I will just take it as it comes.


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