August 25, 2010

>> Wednesday, August 25, 2010

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I took him to school yesterday, after we picked up Megan, and he remembered everything about it. He walked to his classroom and immediately beelined for the toy cabinet. :) He really likes school and it was apparent with how much he smiled.

He was very Mommy oriented again, however, Megan received some of the aggressive attention. Made me smile.

He did not want to sleep last night, so I let him get really tired and put him to bed at 10:00pm. We had to wake him at 8:30 to make the van to school. It's pretty darn cool that they have a private transportation company that picks him up and drops him off. I was concerned about the lack of air conditioning on the buses and him not sweating. A little guy could overheat quickly if his body does nothing to cool him off. But, private van = problem solved.

He seemed to remember the van and headed right for his seat. It's great to see that. And even better to know that he CAN hear and now it's just a matter of teaching him words. He really is a 12 month old, with mad spinning skills.


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