August 12, 2010

>> Thursday, August 12, 2010

3 events.

2 large T/C and one Tonic. The first one last night was bad. It lasted almost 3 minutes and took him over an hour to recover. I gave him his meds and he slept next to me all night somewhat peacefully. My mistake was letting Tay sleep next to him. All night I was throwing her legs off of us and making her turn back around so she wasn't kicking him in the head. Bug and I slept in 1/3 of the bed and Tay took the other 2/3. It was ugly.

Just as the sun came up he had the 2nd T/C, not as long as the first but still as intense. An hour later her had the tonic that lasted less than a minute. He woke up enough for me to give him his morning meds and I realized he was congested. Breathing through his mouth, I though the pressure could be causing problems so I also gave him Ibuprofen. He is perky now and playing and smiling. It's good to see.

Last night, all he wanted to do was lay on me, occasionally he would play a little but he always came back to me to cuddle. I should have known by that he wasn't feeling well but...It passed me by.


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