August 1, 2010

>> Sunday, August 1, 2010

No events.

In fact he has had kinda an easy time of it the last few days. He isn't hearing well though. I can call him, someone can make a loud noise and he has no reaction.

Still taking naps too. I find the naps the most curious thing. I wonder if it's the heat.

His medications can cause him to not sweat, not sure I like that at all but when we think back, we have never seen him sweat. Not even when he wasn't on medication. So we thought about it some more, because that's what one does when one has a child who can not communicate. We realized the ONLY time we have EVER seen him sweat at all was during a seizure. And only on the top of his head. But that stopped when he started having nightly events. Surely that must mean something.

His energy level is insane. But it is VERY obvious when his meds are depleted, he stopes smiling as much. In fact, it becomes difficult to coerce a smile. He has lost 8 pounds. Doesn't sound like much but when that's more than 10 percent of your is a lot. He has gotten taller though, by a few inches so I am trying not to be too concerned. Still, gonna keep an eye on it, a very close eye.


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Diamond Potential Awareness Award
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