July 9, 2010

>> Friday, July 9, 2010

I was about to write 'No Events' when he went stiff and fell over. Tonic. Luckily, he was sitting down. He did go a full 24 hours with no known seizures and this one lasted just long enough for me to stand up and get to him. So less than 10 seconds.

Make that 2. I had to stop writing because he wanted to cuddle. Not a bad trade off as far as I am concerned. Not a bad trade off at all. After a little less than 45 minute cuddle he decided to play, walked over by the kitchen window and fell down against the wall. Big thud. He didn't even drop his Doodle Pro but it scared me.

I have given him his medications and he is laying on the couch playing, intermittently rubbing his head. :(


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