>> Saturday, June 5, 2010

That's right and now I have polluted ALL the people that link to Bug's blog. Sorry but I think you will understand. There is no other word, and if you are that uptight that you can't allow me to say things like that then please, stop linking, I don't need that type of judgement on top of living with the nightmare that is Epilepsy in my child.

Bug had a NASTY Grand Mal last night. He fell asleep at 5pm and ten minutes later...a 1+ minute seizure. He was gasping and very rhythmically looked tiring and it looked painful. I hated it. He didn't really recover at all last night.

Then he slept 16 hours. For those of you following the daily goings on that means a change of some sort. Bad sort as it turns out.

I was at the EAU Yard Sale all day and while I was gone he had two drop seizures. Now, drop seizures are VERY dangerous. He bruised his arm this time and landed on his face each time. It is typical of drop's. Imagine the person just falling over, HEAD FIRST, and doing NOTHING to stop it. He HAS had them before when he was 3 and for 4 months. He had a max of 5 with a week or a few day interval. 2 in one day REALLY blows.

I am trying not to be shredded because of this, I am trying to think only of making sure his medication is staggered better since the daytime events are changing again. And we will be following him EVERYWHERE and padding everything we need to pad. But this one is difficult, it could mean he is getting worse. I agree with Glenn it is kinda CLASSIC Thalamic tumor.

One would think that they would have seen it by now but it really depends on the size and the depth. So maybe, we see if they can do another MRI and maybe a spinal tap. I don't want that but it may be a great diagnostic tool.

He is playing with Papa and seemingly very happy and not bothered so fingers crossed he has a good night. Glenn gave him 2ml of Keppra on top of 2 Zonegran and 3 Lamictal. He hasn't had a seizure since then, almost 6 hours. Good sign, but still...Shit.


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