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>> Friday, June 18, 2010

I called Primary Children's to get an appointment with Dr. Benedict, the woman we were so impressed with 4 years ago. Now, two months ago I was told I needed a new referral, that the old one only covered Dr. V, I corrected them and said: Uh, NO, it had NO ONE's name on it, he asked for it and I am unhappy with him so...

I was told that Dr. Filloux would call me. He never called.

Today I was told that because it has been over 3 years, and because we have changed providers that Bug will be listed as a NEW PATIENT and I have to wait until September. I lost it.

I was told that she would leave a message for the Neurologist on call who happens to be...Dr. Francois Filloux. That's right, he who ignored me two months ago.

The best part, the absolute BEST part is that Dr. Filloux is on the Epilepsy Association of Utah Board of Directors, under, get this, Parent and Family Networking. It's been over two hours since I called.

I have no hope for local help. I have no interest in trying anymore with the Pediatric Neurology Department at Primary Children's. I am looking to take him to Seattle or Arizona...I just don't know what to do, I don't understand why we can NOT get help. I am tired of begging for help and being treated like I am insane. I just want to scream. I just want to cry. But who would hear? And really, who would care?


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