June 2, 2010

>> Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One event last night. It was a full T/C and lasted about 20 seconds. It had been awhile since we have heard him scream during one, last night broke the record and my heart.

He has been adorable and annoying today, not very talkative and extremely active. He did say Dada to Glenn, so here's hoping he continues the proper sounds to the proper people.

Over the Memorial weekend he had a few...5 total. 2 of which were absence. Bummer, but I would prefer those to the nasty T/C.

I will be posting a weather widget on this blog so I can keep track of the climate during his clustering.

I think his ears are both bad again..he hasn't been responding to noises properly and has been clumsy. It's so hard to say if the clumsiness is the medication or not but I note it anyway.


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