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>> Friday, June 18, 2010

6 events. 6.

One Drop, 4 T/C and one Tonic.

Mother's all over the net are saying that their child is having additional difficulties as of late. Coinciding with almost the beginning of his new seizure patterns.

In the course of writing those few statements Bug came into the room, and promptly had an Absence. So, up to 7. I gave him his morning medication and am holding my breath.

I will call to set up a new appointment as soon as they are open. I thought I would wait simply because it could be the weather, it could be his illness, but the weather is more stable and his nose is barely running. So, this is a change and it need to be examined. I am not looking forward to this, for ONE reason:

They think I am an overprotective, paranoid Mother in denial...that I can not just accept that he has problems. Well, I am a little. Any parent would be, gender has nothing to do with it. ANY parent that holds their child 4 times in the night while they have Tonic Clonic seizures would feel exactly the same way. Or they are no kind of real parent.

He has yet to smile this morning, but he is spinning. And spinning is good.


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Diamond Potential Awareness Award
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