Another craptastic day

>> Saturday, June 12, 2010

Now, I love rain and clouds, I am not a sun worshiper but this weather needs to get the hell out of here so my boy can have some peace.

3 drop's today, with one being in the bathtub. I was there, the only problem was he likes to hold water in his mouth when he is in the tub and he had a mouthful when he went limp. As soon as he came around, about 10 seconds later he spit it out, coughing. I got him out of the tub, warmed him up and he slept. 20 minutes he slept and when he woke up he was TOO happy and was having what appeared to be some myoclonic activity. So I think he was having a Gelastic seizure. It lasted about a minute and then he was cuddly again.

So, the first one was right after he woke up while he was sitting on Daddy. The second was in the bathtub and the third was just a little while ago while he was laying on the ground playing. We got lucky he was already laying down with all of them.

I am beside myself with disdain and anger at these things. This boy is so sweet, he is so happy, he makes people smile and he should NOT be going through this! There is no reason for this, there is nothing to learn, there is only the desire to change it and my desire is not his Doctor's desire obviously. Not laying blame just stating facts.


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Diamond Potential Awareness Award
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